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Without a doubt, the most valuable thing this little independent production have is FRIENDS. People who collaborate, get involved and became part of Toytool Comiteé expecting nothing. Friends. Without them we would not have cameras, locations, music, microphones, lights and all that things we can’t buy or rent. Supporting your local pornographers is not only paying-per-view or buying a dvd, it is also to share your goods, to lend your equipment, to make some sandwitches, to offer your house for a scene. Pornographers, sex-workers are beside you, close to you and to know us is to love us. We are thankful people and sure your effort is going to be rewarded. And when money comes, it will come for everybody – at last that is Toytool Comiteé policy -

Sometimes we dream about reaching more audience, selling more, making more hot scenes, became famous, why not? But actually the target is to make great sex-positive films anyway, anyhow. So we will keep making our films with everything we got. Even if it’s nothing. We are not the only ones having economical problems. People are not used to pay for porn as they think that “people” on the screen are far away, which reduces the feeling of watching something real. We call for the visibility of porn film makers and sex workers, ‘cause only if people know us will start respecting us and supporting us.

Finally, here it is, the teaser of our new shortfilm, Support Your Local Pornographers. Stay tuned, it is going to be in some film festivals around the world.

Toytool Comiteé for this shorfilm:
La Boucherie, Lara Zurdezas, Santo Duck, María Bala.
Special featuring Jennifer Picken -
Music credits: Siesta –
Special thanks to Madame Mim Freak Shop

Lenght: 12min17sec
Format: HQ PAL25 (color)
Original language: English and Spanish
Subtitles: English
Year of production: 2014

News about The silent Guy

7 may

The Silent Guy is making friends and one of  them is Marije Janssen. Journalist and writer – among others- on gender, sexuality, culture and society, she mentions our short film as a good influence for teenagers and that’s something to be proud of. Very much indeed. Tough the article is in Dutch, here is the link for those who can read it:


Toytool Comiteé wants to thank Marije for this -not everyday we are in the same line with one of our most admired directors, Jennifer Lyon Bell-

If you haven’t seen The Silent Guy, we are submitting him to some festivals around the world. Soon we will know the places where you can watch it big screened.

Meanwhile, you can do it online at

Dusk! tv



Thanks to everybody for your support!


La Fête du Slip

9 mar

La Fête du Slip

This weekend The Silent Guy was screened at La Fête du Slip surrounded again by amazing films like Gingers, Quintet, Beautiful Monotony or Krutch among others. Check the whole program and manifesto here. It’s a great pleasure for us to be part of this festival about sexuality and politics. We couldn’t make it for going to Lausanne (Switzerland) but we try to collaborate as much as we could from here. Watch the silly videos María Bala -and other artists- made for promoting the event HERE.

We hope everybody had a great weekend there, looking forward for feedback and news.


The Silent Guy nominated for the Feminist Porn Awards 2014.

8 mar

nominee_lrg 2014



Toytool Comiteé proudly announces our last feature, The Silent Guy, has been selected for the Good for Her-Feminist Porn Awards 2014.

For a little production like us this is a very special moment.It’s our first time there and we are sharing space with big talents and long career pornographers like Courtney Trouble, Jiz Lee, Zahra Stardust, Tristan Taormino, Buck Angel…among many others that we adore and mean a constant inspiration  in our lifes.

We want to thank FPA for the attentions, we are far away, but we can feel very good vibes and respect. Also thank all the people who are supporting us and help this project to be alive and rising.

Here you can see a teaser of The Silent Guy:

Watch it at the FPA on Friday 4th April if you are lucky to go. If you are a follower in the distance like us, watch The Silent Guy and other Toytool Comiteé shortfilms at Dusk!tv or MFE.TV 


Toytool Comiteé broadcasting with MFE.TV!

26 feb

We are pleased to announce that HOME and The Silent Guy are now ready for you to watch them at Male Female Erotic Television: MFE.TV.

Captura de pantalla 2014-02-26 a las 17.11.51

Thanks Ella and all MFE.TV team for your trust in ToyTool Comiteé and, of course, to the audience for supporting us. We love you all and we are everyday thinking in new scenes to tease you, love you, squeeze you, and turn you on and on and on.

News from!

8 feb
by María Bala

Last week Dusk!tv shared with us the results of the traditional panel where more than 1800 women or people interested in Porna (Porn for Women) can vote after watching the newest selections of Dusk!tv. Well, we have reached number 7!!

Captura de pantalla 2014-01-31 a las 00.11.20

Here you can see what some people think about The Silent Guy in graphics:

Captura de pantalla 2014-02-08 a las 18.18.19

The Silent Guy is available in Dusk!tv program next saturday -Feb 15th-


Thanks to all the people who stopped in our window to share this experience and took the time to say hello, make a comment and vote for us. Even those who say they don’t like it. We do like you. And, of course, thanks to Dusk!tv. We are very happy and proud to be part of your project since the first time we met, with L’amour et la violence. You can call it first sight love.

Stay always tuned to Dusk!tv news in their own beautiful site where you can find the finest porna:



Happy New Year 2014

31 dic


50 seconds with The Silent Guy and two interviews about PFFB

19 dic
by María Bala

Well, they are 53 but, who cares?

Here you got the teaser of our last short film The Silent Guy , screened for the first time at Porn Film Festival Berlin 2013, and the interviews done to me by Dusk!tv and Zitter Art. I can’t be more thankful to everybody this year. Response of the audience have been amazing, and we expect to show this short film close to your town, wherever you are.

Please, click on the picture to watch it, for some reason I cannot attach vimeos now in wp, (wtf?)

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-29 a las 11.26.40


And now, two interviews done to me about The Silent Guy and other thoughts about PFFBerlin. First with Dusk!tv lovely people

And here, half in german – half in english, you got this little documentary by Zitter Art.



Porn Film Festival Berlin 2013_Part 3

16 dic
by María Bala

As I said at PFFB 2013_ Part 1 I tried to watch as much alternative shortfilms and movies as I could. The kind of things you can see in festivals and maybe nowhere else. In the list below you will find the shortfilms I did like the most. It doesn’t mean that they were “the best” of the festival, it only means that I like them, ok? If you want more info just check the catalog 2013 and you will find the full program with all the features shown at the festival this year.

- Soft skills für Stadfürerinnen by Erik Lemke.

I found it funny, maybe not LMAO, but I remember to laugh the first time I watched. I find the situation a little Dadá, and that’s why I like it. Here you can watch it complete! Sorry, just in German with no subtitles.

- Peter and the wolf, One night only and James bondage in Double 0 sexy by Wes Hurley

I pack these three shortfilms together obviously because of the author but I like them all for the same reason: The sense of humor. One night only is my favorite of them due to the ode to promiscuity. Beautiful. James Bondage is an exercise of beautiful fake retro scenes and Peter and the wolf, well…beautiful men bodies there…

I cannot link you to any movie, sorry. Go directly to Wes Hurley website and know about  his job and his friends, like the fabulous Waxie Moon (protagonist of One night only).

- How to be a pornstar by Guy Shoval

Kind of scary, kind of cute. Kind of hot. Watch the trailer here.

- Graffiti by Yoan Lemoine

This video was part of a campaign against aids and I had already seen it but it’s funny, orientated for heterosexual sex and short. Take a look:

- Candy Box. Entre filles ne risque rien by Émilie Jouvet

Another video for safe sex. This is focused on lesbian sex. I saw it months before the festival and I loved it. Indeed. Is perfect and, I repeat, there are not enough people talking about safe sex, never. Jouvet does it with a very beautiful style, the song is catchy and nice to dance. Not mentioning everybody in the video is very very attractive.

- No sex with carnivore and Eat your dildo by V porn Collective

I have find  no more further information about this collective than the PFFB gives. I can0t find them anywhere in the web. But their work is funny fresh and political. I’m not vegan or even vegetarian but I really enjoyed this videos and respect the theory.

- Magic Rosebud by Roberta Pinson and Lavian Rose.

Starring Roberta Pinson and my beloved Paulita Pappel. Dadá is the adjective again. Paula dances as Roberta is laying down at the mean room of the cinema the shortfilm was projected. I’m not going to be the person who tells you where is the rosebud.

- Tram by Michela Pavlátová

Nice story of a tram driver woman who fantasies about the men she drives everyday to work. Watch the trailer.

- Queer by Manon des Gryeux

In this shortfilm Manon is a mad doctor making a sex change with one of the most rare therapies done with ultraviolet old instruments. There is always something I like of Manon’s work.

- Dear Jiz by Ms Naughty

I talk about this shortfilm at PFFB 2013_Part 1. To know more about Ms. Naughty, click in the link below:

- Fists are for fucking by Ms Naughty

An Open Letter To All My Lovers, Friends and Mentors as they call it after the festival. (trailer in the link)

This is Zahra Stardust statment. I like when a sex worker talks out loud and speak about, well, about whatever. It’s always interesting to listen a person like Zahra. I founded some similarities with Dear Jiz but the issue is totally different and the video is much more explicit, wild.

- Beautiful Monotony by Zahra Stardust

This shortfilm get the Mention of honor at the traditional PFFB shortfilms competition. For me it was honest, funny, it had rythm and meaning. The routine of a sex worker is not many times showned and this is a nice chance to watch it.

- Fuck/talk by Courtney Trouble

Courtney Trouble’s work is always inspiring. Take a look into Queer Porn Tube and check it out.

- Fresh Fruit by Diane Busuttil

Totally a fantasy. Not because of the situation itself, everybody knows fucking with food is a total mess. It’s sticky, and juices don’t match very well with your own juices. I watched with excitement and a big smile. Protagonists: A beautiful young woman, a beautiful not-so-young hostess and the dancers in Russ Meyer style. Watch the trailer.

Fresh Fruit trailer from Diane Busuttil on Vimeo.

- Casting by Lisa Asky & Crystal Vice

Two people, a table, a  chair and a good idea. Nothing more, nothing less. I love this kind of things. Sorry I couldn’t find more information. If you know something I don’t, let me know.

- Reading Time: American Psyco by Liandra Dahl

Well, they read a chapter I know almost word by word. Its explicit content surprised me when I was a teenager and I have to recognize that I have read it a million times. At the beginning I didn’t realize – as i read it in spanish – but in a few minutes  I saw the scene in my mind and smile. It’s cool when one of the greatest and and smartest and sexiest independent pornographers nowadays thinks in the same paragraph of the same book as you. It could be any other, like in Hysterical Literature, but no. She hits the spot. The scene is homy and comfortable and it makes you feel like that. Please, visit her website to know more:

- Krutch by Mia gimp, Clark Mattheus, Mat Fraser.

One of the most impressing shorfilms I’ve seen this year. My english is so poor to translate all the good feelings I got of this work. Sexuality of disabled people is always hidden. This team makes it sexy, beautiful, interesting, positive. Very sex-positive. I’ve found this interview for you to know a little bit more:

- True=Crypta by Miss Alyx

Although this is not a shortfilm – it’s 45 min long, in Spain we call that a ‘medium’ – I couldn’t watch the whole because I had to go to another projection so I’m gonna talk about the only 15 minutes I could see.

I liked so much the atmosphere Miss Alyx has get in this film, makes the crypt-creatures more scary and real. Also all the post-production job that she has done. Color is bright red and I love it. Full of shadows.

- The safety in rubber by Amit Itzcar

A  very very intimate situation probably you’d not be able to see ever in your life. Paraphilia, that huge and wonderful world. Complete shortfilm is on Vimeo, take a look:

The Safety in Rubber – A Film by Amit Itzcar from Amit Itzcar on Vimeo.

- Bikini Boyyz – Queens of the neighbourhood and Masturbating in my rapists clothes by Elektra Stoffregen and Misha Pallokat (Bikini Boyyz)

A little bit or RIOT GIRRRLS style and philosophy can’t be bad. Watch this two films and a bit more in the link below:

Queer Wasted Youth Vimeo Channel

- Undress me by Victor Lignen

Watching this you can think “ok, this is the typical trans drama”. Well, It isn’t, in my opinion. I talk with the co-protagonist Jana Bringlöve after the movie and I check we both had the same opinion of the situation. The key is her attitude. She is relaxed, sometimes a little bit embarrassed, but more of the boy’s behaviour than of herself. I recommend it. Watch the trailer:

And finally,

the winner of the Porn Film Festival 2013 Shortfilm Competition: Antonio da Silva.

Captura de pantalla 2013-12-15 a las 23.09.44

Antonio won last year competition and this year, as a jury, I saw it twice or three times just to not follow my first impression: it is excellent.

This year he brought us a delicate shortfilm talking about ginger boys where ginger boys are talking. From being bullied to became a fetich. Extremely beautiful shots of skin and hair. Music makes you focus more and be relaxed while your watching, like in a sunday morning,  and when you get hot enough (if you like men) they start touching themselves and that’s exactly the kind of thing your want to happen in that very moment.

Check Antonio’s films website and be happy.

Porn Film Festival Berlin 2013_Part 2

12 dic
by María Bala

PERFORMER IN FOCUS: Jiz Lee (they/them)

Jiz Lee’s work it’s always easy to understand, easy to watch, easy to love. And to be “easy” is not that simple. To make every scene honest, beautiful and comfortable not only for the viewer but the performers is not that simple. From the most alternative to mainstream they can make you feel the heat. I mean that feeling you get when you see a very attractive or a very delightful person and you like her/him/they. It can happen any place, but Jiz does it through your screen. Besides, the intelligence they show in their behaviour and talk is huge and you can learn a lot by reading Jiz’s blog or watching any interview. Jiz have also a shortfilm -in other screenings- called Dear Jiz. I saw it twice just to enjoy. The visual metaphor between the words of their followers and the water drops of the bath tube was exquisite .

I was one of the people taking part of the workshop Jiz offered: Fucking for Reel. How to have “Real sex” in porn. It was very interesting, I learned a lot and we were lucky to have Aiden Starr and Wolf Hudson with Jiz to illustrate some parts of the workshop. A threesome with the same pants, that was funny. At one point we made couples and mine was Marlen, someone I would like to perform with someday, by the way.

FILMMAKERS IN FOCUS: Aiden Starr & Wolf Hudson.

The rule the site pretty well I say. And they came to show a few examples of the wonderful work they doing. Wolf is a very versatile artist, from porn to dance, and a very nice guy too and, with Aiden, they are building new models of masculinity – which is absolutely necessary in my opinion- meanwhile you are enjoying the hottest scenes . Thanks, Wolf & Aiden.

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